What steps are involved in setting up my profile?

Setting up your profile helps Livepass to capture essential details about you, enabling a more personalised user experience and ensuring communication and transaction accuracy. Here's a detailed breakdown of the steps:


Step 1: Log in to your Livepass account

i. Visit the Livepass website.

ii. Enter your login credentials or use any of the social login options (Google)

iii. If you haven't registered, you might need to first create an account.


Step 2: Click on “My “Account” at the top right corner

This will typically lead you to a drop down of your account pages. Here you can access your purchased tickets, order history and security settings.


Step 3: Choose “My Profile”

This option allows you to modify or update your existing details.


Step 4: Update your details

Profile Picture: Upload a clear picture of yourself. This helps in personalising your account and, in some cases, might be required for identification purposes at events.

First & Last Name: Provide your full name as according to your national identity card. This will help with resolving any issues or disputes regarding ticket ownership.

Contact Number: Ensure you provide a current, reachable number. This is important for urgent notifications about events and virtual queues.

Birthdate: Certain events have age restrictions. Ensure you provide your accurate birthdate so the system does not restrict you from accessing these events. Also, who knows we might drop you a birthday surprise!


Step 5: Save changes

After updating all necessary fields, click the "Save" button. This ensures all changes made are stored and applied to your account.


Remember, while setting up your profile, always ensure the information you provide is accurate and up to date. This not only guarantees a seamless user experience but also ensures your transactions and interactions on the platform are smooth, secure and error-free.

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